Building Regionalism from Below

Building Regionalism from Below
Volume editors: Korwa G. Adar, Giovanni Finizio, Angela Meyer
Publisher: Peter Lang
Pages: 339
Price: Euro 54.29
ISBN: 978-2-8076-0550-3
Year: 2018


This edited book provides a comprehensive and comparative analytical overview of parliamentary bodies and civil society in Africa, both at the regional and national level, and their role in the ongoing regionalisation processes on the African continent. Gathering contributions from African and European experts, the book offers a collection of actual and historical facts and information, critically analyses the evolution, potential and effective place of parliamentary bodies and civil society in the context and development of regional cooperation and integration, and discusses major challenges that still need to be overcome.

Table of contents



The Role of Parliaments and Civil Society in Africa’s Regional Integration

Korwa G. Adar, Giovanni Finizio and Angela Meyer

- Part One: Continental and Regional Parliamentary Dimensions

The Pan-African Parliament as an Institution of Regional Integration: Prospects and Constraints, John Akokpari

Sovereignty of East Africans in the Balance: The Role of the East African Legislative Assembly and the Integration Process of the East African Community (EAC), Korwa G. Adar

The Parliamentarization of African Regional Integration: The Case of the Economic Community of West African States’ (ECOWAS) Assembly, Linda Darkwa & Cyril Obi

The Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa’s Legislative Assembly: Regional Integration Process, Angela Meyer

The Role of SADC Parliamentary Forum in Southern African Integration Process, Takawira Musavengana

- Part Two: National Parliamentary Dimensions

East African Integration: A Contextual Analysis of the Role of Tanzania’s Legislative Assembly, Richard Bosire

Economic Community of West African States Integration: The Role of Nigeria’s Legislative Assembly, Nkwachukwu Orji

Models, Norms and Self-Interest towards Regional Integration: South African Parliamentary Diplomacy and the Conduct of Parliamentary International Relations, Paul H. Bischoff

- Part Three: Participatory Democracy and Regional Integration: Civil Society in Perspectives

The Role of Civil Society in the Consolidation and Institutionalization of Participatory Democracy within the East African Community (EAC), Joshua Kivuva

West African Integration: The Role of Civil Society in the Consolidation and Institutionalisation of Participatory Democracy, Francis N. Ikome and David Kode

Region Building from Below. Potential and Challenges of Civil Society Involvement in Central Africa's Integration Process, Angela Meyer

The Role of Civil Society in Regional Integration in Southern Africa: Patternes of Inclusion and Exclusion, Andreas Godsäter

Civil Society Involvement and Ownership of the African Union Integration Process, Giovanni Finizio

- Part Four: Conclusion and Recommendations, Korwa G. Adar, Giovanni Finizio and Angela Meyer

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